When an idea’s time has come

Written by

Britt Silcox

“There is one thing
stronger than all
the armies in the world,
and that is an Idea
whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

Bright Ideas come and go in life.

There are many reasons why some never reach their full potential, but a few come to thought now:

1- We don’t give the proper time and care that idea needs to grow.

2- We let someone else’s lack of vision for it diminish our own.

3- It never was our bright idea, only a copy of someone else’s.

I love this quote because it reminds me that when nurtured properly, a bright idea can become a culture-shaping, powerful force. That reality is contingent on time, but not the waiting side of time. II see it as the time we intentionally invest into it’s development.

Today is a shout out to anyone feeling discouraged with where they are in their business journey.

– Don’t lose heart

– Don’t shortchange the effort it takes

– Don’t allow your need for validation to overshadow what you saw possible

– Don’t expect success in a set amount of time, but as a result of effort

– Be true to yourself and ditch the ideas that were really someone else’s anyway