What I learned about business, culture, process, branding & clients.

Written by

Britt Silcox

1. Business Development

More opportunities = More insights

After working in house for almost 2 decades, there were so many things I could almost do in my sleep. But stepping out to be on my own created a mile long list of things I had not yet mastered. GOOD NEWS! Anything can be learned if you work at it. And every time you take a risk there is a huge gain. Every time you accept the opportunity to pitch, to create, to produce or deliver, you learn what you are capable of and how people operate. Insight into the way people think is by far the most valuable skill on the planet.

2. Internal culture

Don’t be afraid to create unique KPI’s (Key Performance indicators).

The tempting thing to do is to pattern your business after other leaders in your space that you really admire. When you start with a template, you save time and energy in the building process, right? Sometimes yes, but not in this case…

Deep down I knew that BrightEyed was not supposed to be a typical creative agency.  Understanding my brand identity gave me permission to do things differently- even if it looked completely counterintuitive.

BrightEyed Brands is a Redemptive Enterprise purposed to bring transformation and set apart with unique KPIs. It’s true the day-to-day looks pretty normal with Brand strategy, messaging and multi-channel distribution but the 50,000 foot view in 2021 also looked like $50,000 worth of donated Marketing services for nonprofits making a huge impact, 10% of gross revenue given to organizations directly sharing the Good News of Jesus and daily making intentional space for supernatural ideas to influence every project.

I highly recommend creating your own unique KPI’s that fit your unique Brand Identity. Hitting those benchmarks will bring you so much satisfaction as you stay true to yourself and your purpose.

3. Power of process

You can try, but no one can innovate faster than the speed of clarity.

This phrase. How many times do we try to shortcut a breakthrough? That fresh idea, killer design or masterful message each occur after the spark of clarity. The first one to find clarity is the first one to innovate. Until then, we will keep spinning the “greatest hits” and calling them special.

4. Branding

People say they want something new, but they actually want something they have already seen.

I guess we are all the same… chasing a feeling of acceptance, validation, credibility that seems easier to find in something familiar. Do people like what they like or do people simply like what they have been exposed to?  I’ve learned to balance my desire for transformation with the familiar thing a client is comfortable with.  No one is right and no one is wrong. Art is subjective.

5. Client Experience

Taking the time to understand a client’s “WHY”, makes the entire journey one I want to be on.

As I work with emerging & enduring businesses, the more I love learning more about what’s driving the leader. After Brand strategy, I have heard jovial comments like “I feel like I just left therapy”. Articulation of a business’s identity and DNA means going beyond the surface to find the gold.