Improve your messaging

Written by

Britt Silcox

If your Marketing has not been updated in a while, now is a great time to revisit your copy to look for ways to improve your messaging.

Our Clear messaging package synthesizes all of the value adds discovered in Brand strategy and provides simple, relevant words expressing HOW you solve the problem. 

If your message doesn’t connect, your product doesn’t sell. Our aim is to craft wordbites that connect both emotionally and logically to your ideal client. Before you scale that ad campaign, you need to be sure which specific messages really hit it home with your target audience. Putting money in ad campaigns with an untested messaging is likely to waste most of it.

These are 3 areas you should consider improving your Messaging:

1. Core Messaging

We review all of your marketing materials to make sure it is obvious WHO you are and WHY you matter.

2. Go-to-market Messaging

Before you launch a campaign, are your wordbites crafted to connect? We help you identify the best positioning for your product/service.

3. Website Messaging

Could your current website convert interest into sales more effectively with a proven messaging framework? Whether you are in need of a website refresh or just a rewrite of the copy, we can help.

If you are concerned about your marketing messaging and want to start attracting the right customers, let us help! For more information on improving your messaging, reach out today for a free Discovery Call!