How to Write a No-stress Business Plan

Written by

Britt Silcox

PRE-LAUNCH Helps, How-to’s and Hacks

Follow this cheatsheet and stop procrastinating like you used to do before a big term paper was due in college. You got this!

1. Research the Market

List every serious competitor in your category, what they offer and what their prices are.

Find out who they appear to be targeting through their visuals and messaging.

Look deeper to find their positioning and their brand personality.

2. Review for insights

Where is everyone the same? Where is there too much noise?

What makes players in your space unique? What makes them stand out?

Where do you see a gap in the category that you could fill?

3. Understand your customer

Ask great questions! What problems do they have? Where are their pain points?

Find out what objections they might have in choosing your business.

Find out anything they like or don’t like about a competitor or alternative.

4. Create Revenue streams

Make a list is ALL ways to monetize solving their problem.

Consider various pricing models for each revenue stream.

Calculate how much profit is realistic with a smart Marketing plan.

5. Plan for expenses

List every item needed to launch. Add up what you need for an initial investment.

Calculate your operating expenses from launch through the startup months 6-12.

Then what?

With a solid business plan in place, you can start building your brand! Eye candy always comes AFTER A GREAT positioning statement. Let the fun begin!